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The Best Video Chat Apps for 2023

The Best Video Chat Apps for 2023

In today's fast-paced, interconnected world, video chat apps have become an essential tool for maintaining personal and professional relationships. With a plethora of options available, it can be challenging to find the perfect app for your specific needs. That's where we come in. We've tested and analyzed the top video chat apps across various categories, from work and gaming to family and international communication. So, whether you're looking for the best app to stay connected with your long-distance friends or seeking a reliable platform for workplace video meetings only, we've got you covered.

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Top Video Chat Apps for Various Needs

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With so many video chat apps on the market, it's crucial to find one that aligns with your unique needs. For work, Microsoft Teams and Zoom remain the top choices, offering a plethora of features for seamless collaboration. Gamers, on the other hand, will find Discord to be the best option, providing a platform tailored to their requirements.

When it comes to staying connected with family, Facebook Messenger and Facetime are your go-to choices, while WhatsApp is the ideal choice for international communication. For monetization and small businesses, don't look past Bookvid, a versatile platform designed to facilitate bookings and video calls with ease.

Work: Microsoft Teams and Zoom

In the realm of work, Microsoft Teams and Zoom stand out as the top video chat apps. Microsoft. Teams offers a suite of features, such as screensharing, background blur, and noise-suppression software, making it an excellent choice for professional use. However, it's worth noting that Microsoft Teams is known to be a bit disorganized. The free version of Microsoft Teams allows up to 100 participants for a duration of 60 minutes per meeting.

Zoom, on the other hand, is a popular video conferencing app that facilitates HD video calls up to 720p on default or 1080p for paid accounts, as well as the recording of meetings onto the Zoom cloud. Zoom's flagship video conferencing apps and software, Zoom One, also offers breakout discussion areas through its Zoom Rooms software. Comparatively, both Microsoft Teams and Zoom offer robust functionality, with paid plans available for businesses requiring more features and flexibility.

Gaming: Discord

For gamers, Discord is the unbeatable choice for video chat. This all-in-one social messaging application allows users to join communities, integrate voice channels, participate in group chats, and engage in one-on-one calls.

Discord's video call feature offers the ability to alter other users' audio levels mid-call and create multiple channels for different groups, providing a customized communication experience tailored to gamers' needs. With support for up to 50 people on a video call at a no time limit, and streaming at 720p as a default (or 1080p for Nitro users with additional frames per second), Discord truly shines as the best video chat app for gaming enthusiasts.

Family: Facebook Messenger and Facetime

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When it comes to family, Facebook Messenger and Facetime take the lead as the best video chat apps. Facebook Messenger supports up to 50 participants in a group video call, making it perfect for keeping in touch with your loved ones.

Facetime, on the other hand, offers a range of entertaining features like Animojis, Memojis, stickers, and the capability to connect up to 32 people in a single call. However, keep in mind that Facetime is only available on Apple devices, limiting its accessibility for Android and Windows users.

International: WhatsApp

For international use, WhatsApp reigns supreme as the ideal video chat app. With its ease of use and ability to establish facetime conversations with family and friends abroad, WhatsApp provides a seamless way to stay connected across borders.

However, it's important to note that WhatsApp's group video call feature has a maximum capacity of 4 users, which may be limiting for larger groups.

Monetization: Bookvid

For monetization and small businesses, Bookvid is the recommended choice. This comprehensive tool facilitates the booking process for group video calls and packages, providing clients and followers with a user-friendly platform to schedule and pay for group calls. Bookvid also includes a "Video Call" toggle to convert the service into a video call service and integrated video call links for virtual appointments.

Small Business: Bookvid

Bookvid is also an excellent choice for small businesses, as it streamlines the process of booking group video calls and packages. With features like crafting a personalized online booking page, accepting online payments, configuring automated reminders, and resource booking, Bookvid is an efficient tool designed to facilitate bookings for group video calls and packages.

Bookvid does pass a small booking fee onto the client. Some worry that these fees can add up over the lifetime span of a client. However, Bookvid plans to combat this by allowing Creators or Hosts to offer subscriptions. With subscriptions clients will subscribe to a Host's booking page and page zero platform fees for all future calls booked (while subscribed). Bookvid will take a transactional fee on the subscription, the host will get 100% of the subscription cost, and still retain 100% of their charges for video sessions.

Group Video Call Capabilities

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Group video call capabilities play a significant role in choosing the right video chat app for your needs. Various other video calling apps offer different participant capacities and call durations, such as Zoom with up to 100 participants, Skype with up to 50, Houseparty with up to 8 and Google Duo with up to 12.

Depending on your specific requirements, whether it's a large virtual meeting or an intimate family gathering, knowing the group video call capabilities of each app is essential in making an informed decision.


Bookvid is a unique video chat app that offers features like photo-taking mode, family mode, and the capability to host up to 100 people in a call for an hour. This versatile app combines the best aspects of video messaging and texting, making it an ideal choice for staying connected with long-distance contacts.

Bookvid is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, no matter the distance. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, it's the perfect tool for staying connected with those who matter most. Whether you're looking for a way to improve your life or you're looking for a way to improve it.

Google Duo

For Android users, Google Duo stands out as the best option for video chat. With features such as secure and reliable video and voice calls, personalized video and voice messages, and fun filters and effects, Google Duo caters to the needs of Android users.

Additionally, Google Duo is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, as well as accessible via the web, making it a versatile choice for cross-platform communication.


Skype is a well-known video chat application that offers a variety of features, such as audio and HD video calling, intelligent messaging, screen sharing, call recording, live subtitles, calling phones, private conversations, and more. Additionally, it has unique features like "Meet now," drawing tools, Q&A, and the capability to customize themes.

With its wide range of functions, Skype continues to be a popular choice for both for personal use and professional use.


Houseparty is a video chat application that facilitates instantaneous connection with friends and family, offering instant video chat with friends, notifications when friends are online, games to play with friends, easy recording capabilities, and the ability to join any of your friends' chats with their friends.

However, with a maximum capacity of 8 users, Houseparty may not be the ideal choice for larger group conversations.

Privacy and Security in Video Chat Apps

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Privacy and security are of utmost importance when choosing a video chat app, as sensitive information and personal conversations must be protected. Signal Private Messenger is renowned for its focus on secure messaging through end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your calls and messages remain private.

Telegram, another secure option, is a free and open-source messaging app that provides end-to-end encryption for secure communication. Lastly, Viber offers end-to-end encryption for messages and video audio calls, as well as hidden chats for added privacy.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is a communications app that emphasizes privacy and security. With end-to-end encryption for all calls, Signal Private Messenger ensures that your conversations remain confidential.

Additionally, Signal offers customizable audio for each contact and is optimized for secure and speedy message delivery. With its strong focus on privacy, Signal Private Messenger is an excellent choice for those concerned about the security of their video chat communications.


Telegram is another secure video chat app that prioritizes privacy and security. With end-to-end encryption and secret chats, Telegram ensures that your conversations remain confidential. Additionally, users can opt for a two-step verification process for added protection.

Telegram is also a free and open-source messaging app, making it a popular choice for those seeking a secure and cost-effective communication platform.


Viber is a comprehensive social application that offers end-to-end encryption for messages and video audio calls, ensuring that your communications remain secure. With features such as hidden chats, Viber provides an added layer of privacy, allowing you to keep sensitive conversations confidential.

Viber also allows users to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobile numbers through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), making it a versatile and secure option for video chat.

Video Chat Apps for Different Devices

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Choosing the right video chat app for your device is crucial to ensure a seamless communication experience. For iPhone users, Facetime is the best video calling option around, offering a range of features tailored to Apple devices.

Android users will find Google Duo to be the most suitable choice, providing a smooth video chat experience specifically designed for Android devices.

Lastly, for cross-platform users, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the best options, offering compatibility across various mobile devices, and operating systems.

iPhone: Facetime, Android: Google Duo

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Facetime is the highest-rated video chat app for iPhone users, providing an easy-to-use interface and a variety of features such as Animojis, Memojis, stickers, and the capability to connect up to 32 people in a single call.

However, it's important to note that Facetime is only available on Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and MacOS desktops, limiting its accessibility for users of other platforms.

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Google Duo is the top choice for Android users, offering secure and reliable video and voice calls, personalized video and voice messages, and fun filters and effects.

With its compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, as well as the ability to access it via the web, Google Duo is a versatile option for cross-platform communication.

Cross-Platform: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the best cross-platform video chat apps, enabling users to send messages, initiate audio and video calls, and share files with other users, regardless of the device they are using.

With their widespread popularity and compatibility with various platforms, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are ideal choices for those looking to communicate seamlessly across different devices.

Emerging Video Chat Apps to Watch

As technology continues to evolve, new video chat apps are emerging with unique features and benefits. Glide, Marco Polo, and JusTalk are noteworthy video chat apps expected to gain traction in the near future.

Glide offers a unique video messaging feature, allowing users to record and send video messages to their contacts. Marco Polo is a video chat app that enables group conversations with up to 32 people, providing an innovative way to stay connected.

Lastly, JusTalk is a video chat app with a variety of features, including video and voice calls, group video chats, and file sharing, making it a promising contender in the video chat app market.


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Bookvid is an innovative video chat app that integrates with Twilio for automated appointment reminders, and common calendars for automated scheduling (IOS, Gmail, Outlook and more). In many ways, Bookvid is simply Calendly, Twilio, Zoom and PayPal/Venmo in one platform. Simply create a free booking page, sync your Venmo and calendar, select the individual call, group call, and packages that you'd like to offer. Set a price from free to $X, share your booking page link, and start earning.

With its unique combination of video call software, scheduling and payments, Bookvid offers a fresh approach to video chat, providing users with a new way to monetize personal or business connections. The best part, they let you keep 100%!


Glide is an emerging video chat app that offers additional features like integrations with other tools, custom workflows, and the ability to build custom apps.

With its unique feature set and potential for customization, Glide is an app to watch in the video chat market.

Marco Polo and JusTalk

Marco Polo is an up-and-coming video chat app designed for group conversations, with the capacity to accommodate up to 32 people in a single call. With its innovative approach to group communication and its focus on staying connected with friends and family, Marco Polo is an emerging video chat app to keep an eye on.

JusTalk is another emerging video chat app with a variety of features, including video and voice calls, group chats, and file sharing. With its comprehensive feature set and focus on user-friendly communication, JusTalk is a promising new addition to the video chat app market.


In conclusion, finding the right video chat app for your specific needs is essential in today's interconnected world. Whether you're looking for the best app for work, gaming, family, or international communication, our comprehensive guide has provided you with the top choices in each category. As technology continues to evolve, keep an eye on emerging video chat apps like Bookvid, Glide, Marco Polo, and JusTalk, which offer unique features and potential benefits. Remember, staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues is only a video call away, so choose the app that best fits your needs and start chatting today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free video call? Private Video Call?

Based on feedback from various users, the best free video call appears to be Zoom, Bookvid or Google Hangouts. All of these offer reliable video quality services that allow users to easily connect with each other without having to worry about technical difficulties.

Skype is generally regarded as the best app for private video calls due to its ease of use and high level of security. Skype is a reliable choice with features such as end-to-end encryption, password protection, and screen sharing.

What video calls are free?

Video calls such as Zoom, Bookvid, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Duo, Houseparty, Discord, Viber, Signal, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime are all free to use in 2022. Thus, a variety of video calling options are available to make it easier to stay connected with loved ones from any location.

What is the Google version of FaceTime?

Google Meet is the Google version of FaceTime. It offers high-quality audio and video calling with end-to-end encryption for both one-to-one calls and group calls, all on a single app. You can easily video call your family and friends or schedule a meeting in advance, allowing you to securely connect, collaborate, and celebrate with others.

Google Meet is a great way to stay connected with those you care about. It's easy to use and provides a secure platform for communication.

Which app is best for private video call?

When it comes to secure live video calls, Zoom Bookvid, and Google Duo are the best options. These apps provide high-quality video streaming with strong security protocols and easy user interfaces.

Therefore, these two apps are the most suitable for private video calls.